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Thames School Education Lodge Dinner

Thames Schools Lodge hopes to be the “Education Lodge” for the Province and is seeking members interested in education within and outside Freemasonry.

To promote this, a dinner was held on Saturday March 24that the splendid Leander Club. Forty people attended including John Clark, the new Buckinghamshire PGM and Graham Dearing, the new Buckinghamshire APGM at the event which was a great success.  Masters and Masters Elect from lodges across the south of Buckinghamshire were in attendance to learn of the initiative and support their sister lodge.

After the dinner Bryan Wilson, the current WM gave an address highlighting our task in educating the World outside Freemasonry about who we are, what we stand for and our place in society. He made the following points in a well-received address to all attending:

Having had the long public support of successive kings, Freemasonry went underground during WWII because of the slaughter of Freemasons in Germany, Italy and Spain under Fascism and the potential threat to English Freemasonry. The threat from Fascism is long past, but hindsight tells us we kept our identities, aims and objectives under wraps far too long, generating suspicion and mistrust of Freemasonry in society. We are fixing that now, but there is still a great story we are not telling about our history

Although the Craft Degrees are expressed in early 19thCentury language, they are actually about education in three aspects of life, which are the backbone of our philosophy. Should we not find a way of explaining this to the World out there? Equally important is to educate our membership and the general public about our history. We have championed a liberal, democratic and above all, inclusive approach to life, for several centuries.

Freemasonry has always accepted Jews and the first official record of Muslim initiates was in 1736, in Paris. The UGLE Grand Master issued the first Warrant to an African American Lodge in 1784, 81 years before the abolition of slavery in the USA. For centuries we have done our best to protect minorities from persecution and accepted all men of good faith, whatever their status, culture or religion, treating all people with the same degree of courtesy and consideration. We should be very proud of this history and our philosophy! Is this not a model for society that we should be trying a little harder to tell people about?

If you are interested in this work, contact the Thames School Lodge secretary for further information. 

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